Jonte D Campbell

jonte-d-campbell-fabric-pattern-designerLos Angeles native Jonte’ has been a contributing member of the local art scene since a teen. Winning 3rd place at MOCAs Teen Night, attending CalArts for CSSSA summer sessions, documenting and learning at the foot of some of the worlds living most renowned muralist are just some of the pieces to the puzzle that have influenced Jonte’ as a designer. Starting with 35mm photography in high school and moving onto graphic design from working with the digital studio Photoshop, experimental artistic processes in both analog and digital sprang forth, leading Jonte’ discover his talent for pattern design. Pattern designs that are influenced by the cultural practices of natives globally, the environment and its mishaps, where some people see a spill Jonte’ sees a potential pattern revealing itself. And this talent and perspective has landed him the chance to showcase a new collection first via CadFab.